Stone Creek Biogénie

The adaptation of physics and delivery of electrotherapy within a unique and revolutionary concept.

Non-Surgical Liposuction

Biogénie Body Treatments are proven to reduce the volume of body fat. Cellular Electro-Aesthetics is an advanced technology utilizing Micro-currents and a unique filtration/vacuum system that allows for a noninvasive liposuction to target your body for specific areas of volume loss, cellulite reduction, and body sculpturing.

The Biogénie Body Contouring System is the most technologically advanced method available today that effectively helps the body to eliminate overcharges of fat, fluids, and cellulite while toning, lifting and defining your silhouette. Stone Creek Day Spa is one of only two companies in Broken Arrow Oklahoma that offers Biogénie technology. For more information on Biogénie, click here

The Biogénie Technique

The unique electrical energy of the Biogénie concept is the conductor which successfully unites the dynamics of materials with the living cell and the life force of the body spirit. Cellular electrotherapy is a development which integrates into one concept specific electrical currents, similar to the physiological energy within the body and which act in perfect osmosis with the tissues.

    Body Slimming/Cellulite Reducing

  • Single Treatment – $150.00
  • 3 or more pre-paid – $125.00/each
  • 12 pre-paid – $100.00 ea
  • (10-15 treatments are recommended but this may vary with each client)

    Non-Surgical Face-Lift

  • Single Treatment – $125.00
  • 6 or more pre-paid – $100.00/each
  • (recommended facial treatments: one per week for six weeks followed by one monthly maintenance treatment)

    Service Enhancers

    Great add ons to your services

  • Baby Foot Treatment – $45.00
    Needs to be added to minimum 1 hour treatment
  • Spa Foot Treatment
    • Alone – $45.00
      (scrub, mud, moisturizing massage) – $35.00 add on
  • Hand and Foot Softening – $25.00
  • Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment – $25.00/each
    • Both – $40.00
  • Add Honey Softening Treatment to Paraffin
    • $8.00/each
    • Both – $15.00
  • Shirodhara Add On – $35.00
  • Organic Lip Treatment – $20.00
  • Organic Bright Eyes Treatment – $20.00
  • Organic Lip and Eye Treatment – $35.00
  • Arctic Berry 3 Step Peel – $35.00
  • Blueberry Detox Peel – $30.00
  • Pumpkin Peel – $30.00
  • Glycolic Peel – $35.00
  • Decolette Peel
    (glycolic, pumpkin, blueberry) – $35.00
  • Extractions – $10.00

Get a jumpstart on a better body with our Biogenie Body Slimming Treatments.
Slims, Firms and Smoothes Cellulite!

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