Why Massage Therapy and Fitness go hand in hand

Many people are jumping on the fitness wagon and getting into a routine of all types of physical activities: team sports, aerobics, weightlifting, yoga, you name it, massage therapy can enhance your workout routine.  
With this exercise, reports Benny Vaughn in an article from Biotone, comes sore muscles, sprains, pain, spasm and myofascial adhesions.  Vaughn reports that massage therapy is the key to healing from and preventing the above complaints and many more.  The goals in massage therapy with an injured muscle or joint is to first normalize the area with massage and then to improve flexibility. After this has been accomplished it is possible to then reintroduce movements to areas that had not been previously able to maintain certain patterns (due to injury to strain).
While massage therapy is no substitute for medical attention, it can help to rehabilitate a sports or fitness injury and alleviate pain from sore muscles.  It is also useful to learn techniques of self-massage that can be done on certain areas; tennis elbow or shin splints are accessible areas where self-massage would enhance healing and flexibility as well as alleviate some soreness between professional sessions. Always check with your doctor before beginning a massage therapy regimen.

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